Artificial Intelligence

Sygel offers consultancy in the field of Artifical Intelligence, more specific Natural Language Processing and text classification. Sygel already built successful products based on these technologies.

Support & Maintenance of existing products (WMEE & WMGDK)

Sygel offers a complete range of services surrounding its products, e.g. the Wonder Machine Enterprise Edition or the Wonder Machine Generator Development Kit. Furthermore, we're open to any projects for which our expertise in Object Oriented software development (Java, J2EE™, Mobile apps) can be useful.

Using a software tool to drastically improve your efficiency is one thing, getting good support is another.

Sygel offers support by e-mail to all your related questions for the projects you are developing. If this isn't sufficient for your needs an experienced Sygel consultant can personally come to assist you, dependant on the country you're in, with any problems that may occur.

Standards like e.g. J2EE and XML always continue to change and improve while on the other hand new technologies for internet development emerge. It is only natural that the WMEE will change and improve together with these standards and products so new versions of our tool will be made available to you.

Training of existing products

Generating an internet application with the WMEE is as simple as clicking a button in your favorite UML™ case-tool. Never-the-less you should have a thorough understanding and knowledge of the technologies used for your generated applications.

Therefore we deliver a complete package of courses including topics such as UML™, Java™, EJB™, XML, XSLT and of course the WMEE itself.

Consultancy around existing products

The greatest experts for working with the WMEE or WMGDK are of course the people who created it. Maybe you would like these people to assist you with your WM projects and this of course is possible.

Making a product such as the WMEE demands a lot of expertise with the related technologies. Sygel offers you its expertise for any Java/J2EE projects in which you could use it.


If you lack the people or knowledge to create internet applications yourself Sygel can analyze, design and implement these applications for you. Of course we prefer to use the WMEE for these applications since it will reduce our development time and cost.

We also develop projects for which the WMEE can't be used, as long as our involvement is interesting for both parties.